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Sustainable Development


The key to leadership is to take responsibility for one’s actions. At Beauty Expert Korea, we are responsible for meeting our doctors without risk any of relatives as doctors, patients, business relation, regulation, and environment in all steps. This leadership influence every working hours on many different individuals such as employee involvement, manufacturing efficiency, design & label, industrial-market compliance with certification, and environmental effects. Having been concentrated on market responsibility, products of Beauty Expert Korea proved its worth over the world with its sustainable development.

Risk and Benefit

We take many factors into account in perspectives of both risk and benefit on product. During clinical trials, each profile of the product examined in a point of ‘how acceptably designed’, both potential benefits and risks. Once the results of the trials are available, Beauty Expert Korea evaluates the benefit provided by the therapy in the context of any risks. It is very important that both risks and benefits can be appropriately communicated via the product’s and/or other doctors and patient information.

Labels in Quality

A label(or package) of each medical product is a visible and mostly easy-accessible tool to help our doctors determine whether a particular treatment’s risks outweigh its benefits and if products from Beauty Expert Korea is ultimately the right fit for a patient. Creating the label is not simply design but works in multiple interaction such as approval on many other regulations, advisory on patients, medical information for doctors and nurses, and global traceable job with import/export system. Once the product is on the market, our responsibility to safety does not end and changes can be made to the label if additional information is obtained once the product is in use. Updates to a product’s label from ongoing monitoring of product safety profile once on the market, which supplement the information obtained from registration clinical trials.