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Peptides & Growth Factors

Peptides & Growth Factors

Beauty Expert Korea select the most valuable ingredients among all growth factors & peptides with variety and validity. Our ingredients are focused on high-functional efficiency and safety under compliance of ISO and GMP system. Recombinant proteins such as cytokines and growth factors are main source of our most advanced technology.

Peptide synthesis and purification technologies on bio-active and functional peptides are the one of the valuable technology we have on cosmeceuticals for whitening, anti-wrinkle, hair growing, anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, and anti-atopic.

Focused mainly on research and development, we have successfully extracted and combined such plant stem cell and human stem cell as growth factors and peptides thanks to wide range of biological activities. Now this allows us to combine traditional herbal extraction to our previous R&D system together with performing and providing world-wide with artful worth of our job.